Thermal Dynamics – Moving Ducts

Patch Name: Thermal Dynamics Moving DuctsGenerally Available On: August 13, 2017Applies To: Thermal Dynamics to at least (both MC 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12)This patch fixes an issue where the a Thermal Dynamic Duct can crash when the state around it changes unexpectedly. The most common case is when a piston causes the duct to Read more about Thermal Dynamics – Moving Ducts[…]

ExtraUtilities 2 – Mechanical Crafter

Patch Name: Extra Utilities Mechanical Crafter Oversized RecipesGenerally Available On: August 8, 2017Applies To: Extra Utilities 2 1.5.1 to 1.6This patch fixes an issue where the Mechanical Crafter is given a receipe that has more than 9 slots. The crafter can only handle up to 9 slots, and thus, it would crash with an ArrayOutOfBoundsException. This patch Read more about ExtraUtilities 2 – Mechanical Crafter[…]

Open Modular Turrets – Laser Projectiles

Patch Name: Open Modular Turrets CollideGenerally Available On: June 29, 2017Applies To: Open Modular Turrets 3.0.0 to 3.1.0OpenModularTurrets has some known problems with handling projectiles hitting players. This specific patch is about handling a case when a Laser Projectile collides with a player. In some cases, the owner of the turret is not able to be found, Read more about Open Modular Turrets – Laser Projectiles[…]

Logistics Pipes – Fluid Render Hang

Patch Name: Logistics Pipe InitRenderFluidGenerally Available On: December 31, 2015Applies To: Logistics Pipe to currentLogistics Pipes has a requirement that any fluid passed through the pipe must have a corresponding block (ie. the liquid can be placed in the world). However, some mods do not provide a block (such as Mekanism’s Brine), and if you attempt Read more about Logistics Pipes – Fluid Render Hang[…]

Mekanism – Crafting Crash

Patch Name: Mekanism_getContainerItem_CrashGenerally Available On: October 14, 2015Applies To: Mekanism 7.1.2 to current (which is patch fixes an issue with the Mekanism mod where certain other mods (such as Botania) could pass in an item that was not expected, causing a crash.Specifically, while attempting to craft a Mekanism IO Port, puting the Casing within the crafting Read more about Mekanism – Crafting Crash[…]

Minecraft – GuiContainer

Patch Name: GuiContainer_UpdateScreenGenerally Available On: August 20, 2015Applies To: Minecraft 1.7.10A number of mods utilize the standard Minecraft GUIContainer functionality to display windows and panels. However, there can be issues during the initialization of a world, where the world starts running before everything is fully set up. In this case, if a mod has not set Read more about Minecraft – GuiContainer[…]

WR-CBE – Wireless Redstone Maps

Patch Name: WRCBE_WirelessMapRenderGenerally Available On: August 5, 2015Applies To: WRCBE – onwardWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition (WR-CBE) has a item called the Wireless Redstone Map. If you create this map, and leave it as the selected item in your inventory, and then log out, the client will crash every time you attempt to log back in. Read more about WR-CBE – Wireless Redstone Maps[…]

Tinkers Construct – Armor Initialization

Patch Name: TConstruct_ArmorProxyClientInitializationGenerally Available On: August 4, 2015Applies To: Tinkers Construct 1.8.5Tinkers Construct has a class called ArmorProxyClient whose static initialization code assigns the wrong armor information during initialization. This data is later replaced with the correct information, but for a brief moment, there is a window where null data is stored against the armor inventory.This Read more about Tinkers Construct – Armor Initialization[…]

Secret Rooms – WAILA Initialization

Patch Name: SecretRooms_InitializationGenerally Available On: August 3, 2015Applies To: Secret Rooms to patch fixes an issue with the Secret Rooms mod where the WAILA mod calls it too early during initialization causing a crash.Specifically, WAILA calls OwnershipManager.getOwner call with a block where the World object has not yet been initializated. This patch simply puts Read more about Secret Rooms – WAILA Initialization[…]

Forge FluidRegistry – Startup Timeout

Patch Name: FluidRegistry_TimeoutGenerally Available On: August 2, 2015Applies To: Minecraft Forge to, quite a few people have reported an issue where they cannot connect to a given server. Every time they do, they receive a server timeout. Lots of misleading help is usually provided, including wiping out your Minecraft folder and re-installing.The underlying problem is that Read more about Forge FluidRegistry – Startup Timeout[…]