August 2, 2015


I declined the terms, but I want to re-enable it

Once you’ve declined the terms, Minecraft Doctor will not prompt for them again. If you’d like to try it again, the configuration information is all stored in a file <Minecraft Folder>/MinecraftDoctor/config.props. The simplest solution is to just delete this file and run Minecraft again. The terms will be re-prompted for.

Alternatively, you can edit the file and remove the permissionAccepted and permissionQueried entries.

What gets transmitted to the servers?

The file <Minecraft Folder>/MinecraftDoctor/catalog.xml is transmitted to the server, so you can always see what is being sent. Additionally, some of the entries from the <Minecraft Folder>/MinecraftDoctor/config.props are also sent.

What is being downloaded from the servers?

The <Minecraft Folder>/MinecraftDoctor is the only location where data or code from the Minecraft Doctor servers are downloaded to. Most notably, the install.xml (what patches to install) and the contents of the Patches folder.

How does this work?

By sending information about the installed mods to the server, a customized list of patches is downloaded. Each patch contains instructions about how to modify an existing Minecraft file. 90% of all crashes are due to the fact that code is not checking for some unexpected situation. These patches usually inject some very simple code to perform the check as opposed to just crashing.

My Minecraft is still crashing? Fix it!

As we’re still just getting started on this mod, please bear with us. We should be automatically receiving your crashes. If you’d like to reach out directly, please use the contact form on the front page and provide your UUID in the description.

My UUID? What’s that?

Minecraft Doctor does not contain any personal information about you. However, we do associate a unique randomly generated id with your instance of Minecraft so that we can properly figure out which patches you need. This UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) is stored in the <Minecraft Folder>/MinecraftDoctor/config.props. Any time that you need to communicate with us, it helps if you provide the UUID, so we can check against any issues that are being reported. Otherwise, there’s no way for us to figure out any information about you.

A partial config file looks like:

# DiamondQ's Minecraft Doctor configuration file

# Indicates whether the permission for Minecraft Doctor to operate has been given.
# The unique identifier for this particular session. Assigned by the server during registration.


If this was your config.props, you would let us know that your uuid=e8b8b8c5-176b-4693-9666-bf3f62051380

I’ve been patiently waiting for you to fix it, but it’s been days/weeks/months, and it still crashes

This is currently just a fun mod that we’re working on, so we can’t dedicated a huge amount of time to building new patches. We do analyze all the crash reports that come in, and we’re trying to fix them in a priority order. Currently, we’re prioritizing crashes that happen for the largest number of people first.

I’m a developer, and I’d like to help out

That’s great. Eventually, we’d like to allow the community to submit their own patches. However, at the moment, the best thing would be to send us the exact fix (ie. show us the broken code and what the ‘fixed’ code should look like). We can then convert that into a patch.

Is there any other way I can help?

Not at the moment, but please let us know whether you’d be willing to donate money to the project for accelerated fixes. We’re not sure whether we want to go down that route, but we’re looking for feedback.

Can I include this mod in my own mod pack?

Generally, yes. We’d love to hear what you’re using it for. For the large Mod Pack owners (Technic, Resonant Rise, FTB Ultimate, etc.) please contact us to make sure that we can handle the increased server traffic.

What about servers? Does it work there?

That’s a future goal. It may work, but we haven’t done any testing.